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SME Kerala

The Alleppey Cooperative Spinning Mills Ltd
PSU Manufacturing (Small enterprise)

The Alleppey Co Operative Spinning Mills Ltd (ACSM) registered on 21 July 1981 and was commissioned on 30 October 1999 with a capacity of 6,008 spindles to produce coarser counts of yarn like 40 combed counts. In the year 2010, the Govt. of Kerala availed of a Hank yarn project – a project to cater to the requirements of hank yarn to the traditional sector with a reasonable price. In the same year the mill increased its capacity to 12,096 spindles with new state-of-the-art technology machines. Today, with a spindle capacity of 25200, the mill produces a wide range of cotton yarn counts like 40SK, 60SC, 60SK, 62SK, 80SC, 80SK, 90SC according to the market requirements. Also the mill produces a wide range of hank yarns and doubled yarns like 40S, 2/40SK, 60SC, 2/60SC, 62Sk, 2/62Sk, 80Sk, 2/80Sk, 80SC, 2/80SC according to the requirement of hank yarn societies or National Hand loom Development Corporation. Product Range ACSM offers an exclusive range of premium quality yarn with a wide variety to choose from. The product mix includes 100% cotton yarn carded, combed single & doubled in the count range from 40s to 100S useful in weaving. Also produces hank yarn from reeling machines as SHPR, DHPR, DHCR, FHCR to cater handloom societies in and around the state. The total yarn production in the mill is 65 tons/month. Yarn Type Range End Use Carded Warp 40SKW Weaving Carded Warp 60SKW Weaving Carded Warp 62SKW Weaving Carded Warp 80SKW Weaving Combed Warp 80SCW Weaving Combed Warp 90SCW Weaving Combed Warp 100SCW Weaving Carded Warp 2/60SKW Weaving Combed Warp 2/80SCW Weaving Carded Warp 2/40SKW Weaving Hank Yarn From 40S to 80S - SHPR, DHPR, DHCR, FHCR Weaving