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VIII/418A, Nadaymuri road, thottara, Arayankvu, kulayattikkara po, Ernakulam, Kerala-682317, TEL:+91 9995572916, 9746399206, Email: ayurvedae2013@gmail.com, web: www.ayushjyothi.com



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Ayurveda Manufacturing (Small enterprise)

We “AYUSHJYOTHI” are the new comer in the field of suppler/exporting Ayurveda Equipment. We export Panchakarma Equipment like Dharapathi, Steam chamber (SwedanYantra), Shirodhara stand, Shirodhara vessel, Shirovasthi cap, Shalaka, VastiYanthram, Ayurvedic Massage Table, Massage Oil, Steam Generator, Panchakarma/Pizhichil Accessories, Massage Table, MassageBed,NadiSwedanaantra, VamanapeethaYantra, VastiYantram (Kati Vasti,JaanuVasti,GreevaVasti,NetraVasti),Brass/Bronze/Copper Vessels , … etc Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural and medical healing originated in India, Kerala is the most well known place in India for Ayurveda Treatments and Equipments. When you purchase Ayurvedic equipment, it is important to make sure that the Equipment is made out of right fine wood having Medicinal value. Since we are from Kerala we know better about Ayurveda Equipment, AYUSHJYOTHI only provides you quality Ayurveda equipment made out of right medicinal wood with instructions from experienced persons. If you are interested in working with AYUSHJYOTHI please feel free to call us :- Tel:+91 9995572916, +91 9746399206 or mail us Email: ayushjyothipanchakarma@gmil.com , ayurvedae2013@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/ayushjyothipanchakarmaequipments SKYPE:AYUSHJYOTHI https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ayurveda-Equipment/266284536835864 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ayushjyothi-Panchakarma-Equipments/103296859820737 https://www.facebook.com/PanchakarmaEquipments https://www.facebook.com/ayurvedaequipment

INR 1450/Piece
INR 350/Piece
INR 13000/Piece
INR 14000/Piece
INR 2500/Piece
INR 29000/Piece
INR 26000/Piece
INR 3800/Piece
INR 3800/Piece
INR 1000/Piece
INR 900/Piece
INR 24000/Piece
INR 17000/Piece
INR 1200/Piece
INR 35000/Piece
INR 65000/Piece
INR 3000/Piece