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Handicraft Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd.

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Handicraft Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd.
Handicrafts Manufacturing (Small enterprise)

Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd, a Kerala Govt undertaking, functioning under the Industries Department, Govt of Kerala, was incorporated in 1968 towards undertaking Developmental, Marketing and Welfare activities in the handicrafts sector of Kerala. The Corporation has been running a Common Facility Service Centre (CFSC) at Thiruvananthapuram for the benefit of wood based artisans to improve their crafts and also to eliminate drudgery. The Corporation through its 19 showrooms spread at strategic places all over India, is marketing handicrafts procured from the Artisans directly. Many other innovative marketing programmes are also being pursued by it to enhance penetration of handicrafts to various strate of society. Moreover, to meet the capital requirements at grass-root levels, the financing schemes for the benefit of the needy craftsmen are being implemented by the Corporation. The continuing training and developmental activities are being implemented through the assistance from the various Governmental Organisations. The welfare activities of the Corporation include the health insurance, housing cum workshed schemes etc. implemented by the Corporation with the assistance from the Government of India. The name of SMSM Institute, the central emporium, stands for Sree Moolam Shashtyabdapurthi Memorial Institute in memory of the 60th birthday anniversary of His Highness King Moolam Tirunal of the princely state of Travancore. This institute was started during 1917 as a craft institute and later converted into a trade centre by shifting this craft centre to another place. Our other sales outlets are named under the brand name "Kairali".

INR 2050/Piece
INR 1780/Piece
INR 7700/Piece

Size 10 x 6 x 6: Rs. 6125/-

Size 8 x 5 x 5: Rs. 4800/-

INR 2116/Piece
INR 2850/Piece

12 inch: Rs. 3500

13 inch: Rs. 5200

20 inch: Rs. 13,230

INR 1200/Piece

9 inch: Rs. 1350

7 Inch: Rs. 1,150

INR 1700/Piece

22 Inch: 3300

13 Inch: 1700

INR 1299/Piece

12 Inch: Rs. 1299

INR 529000/Piece

6 Feet: Rs. 529000

INR 4850/Piece

18 Inch: Rs. 4850

INR 3024/Piece

10 x 6 x 6: Rs. 3024

INR 2700/Piece

18 Inch: Rs. 2700

INR 59000/Piece

24 " x 27: Rs. 59000

INR 1500/Piece

12 Inch: 1500

INR 8500/Piece

12 Inch: Rs. 8,500

16 Inch: Rs. 11,800

INR 999/Piece

17 Inch: Rs. 999

INR 1200/Piece

4 Inch: Rs. 1200